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TV Serials

The drama serial was designed and produced through a systematic communication process. The message content and the storyline were developed in close consultation with the MoPH Health Promotions Directorate and other relevant stockholders such as scriptwriters, program planners, media personnel, advertising agencies, non-governmental organizations and other co-operating agencies. The main objective of the serial was to build awareness for audiences about generic birth spacing options as well as ASMO’s branded product options. It was also designed to develop trust and confidence about the quality and safety of contraceptives and encourage recipients about the value to their families of 3 years birth spacing between their children. The serial also served as a venue to actively promote gender equality. The purposes of the drama serial were to: reinforce existing knowledge and behaviors of the audience about the services, information, and credibility of ASMO’s health products; and motivate the audience to use contraceptives for birth spacing.