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Raahat Branded Reusable Sanitary Napkins (RSN)

Menstruation is a normal physiological process but the onset of menstruation is a unique phenomenon for adolescent girls. Awareness about menstruation prior to menarche was found to be low among both urban and rural adolescents. The limited knowledge available was passed down informally from mothers, who were themselves lacking in knowledge of reproductive health and hygiene due to low literacy levels and socioeconomic status. Lack of menstrual hygiene and use of unhygienic clothes result in adverse outcomes like reproductive tract infections.

ASMO launched environment friendly and chemical free reusable sanitary napkins for Afghan women so that they can manage their menstruation in privacy, safety, with respect and dignity.

RSN Kits are designed to provide superior feminine hygiene protection and comfort. These Kits are made from high-performance textiles and provide effective protection for 12+ months (menstrual cycles), making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. The design is an “all-in-one” pad that

buttons securely into a pair of underwear.