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Core Programs & Work Streams

ASMO Core Programs & Work Streams

ASMO is striving to design and implement effective and integrated health and social marketing interventions for the well-being of its target communities. ASMO will serve its target groups during the coming few years through the following programs:

To increase use of modern family planning methods, it is necessary to address inaccurate beliefs, habits and attitudes, as well as educate society about the correct and consistent use and benefits of modern contraceptives. ASMO is designing and implementing different social behavior change communication (SBCC) activities to promote the use of family planning through a community participatory approach. At the same time the organization is expanding modern FP methods to offer more choices to users and intenders.
Improving child health and promoting the healthy growth and development of children is a complex task due to various parties and stakeholders working in this area. ASMO is working with different stakeholders, including parents and communities to improve the child health and nutrition in Afghanistan. Parents, families, and services providers are the main targets for this program. ASMO designs and implements different interventions to improve the child health , including BCC, distribution of health products, and improving the knowledge of private sector providers. Beside SBCC campaigns, currently offering three child health branded products such as; Shefa (Oral rehydration Salt), Quwat (Zinc Tablets) and Shefa Wa Quwat (ORS – Zinc Co-Pack) in the afghan market.
ASMO’s success depends on developing its marketing and sales strategies, given that it is the only local social marketing organization in Afghanistan. This program is linked to and cross-cuts ASMO’s different objectives and programs including family planning, improved access to social marketing products, and adopting healthy behaviors.
Increased commercial sector participation in social marketing would have a significant impact on the sustainability of family planning and maternal and child health products in the long-term. By using commercial sector distribution networks, ASMO leverages untapped private sector resources to complement public sector efforts in improving access to key maternal and child health products at affordable prices nationwide.