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Private Health Provider Detailing

Private health provider detailing
Health providers are credible sources of obtaining health information and advice in alleviating the concerns of the intending FP users and help them to adopt FP by counseling and providing method-specific information. However inadequate knowledge and lackadaisical attitude of the private providers with respect to FP methods, patient counseling on FP, deny the large number of women and married couples dependent on private sector provisions, an opportunity to clarify such issues, gain accurate information and confidence to adopt FP.
Afghan Social Marketing Organization is implementing private provider detailing to leverage the health providers’ credibility and share information with their patients to bust the myths and misconceptions and help them to adopt FP. ASMO has been piloting the initiative in Kabul since August 2018. Provider detailers pay regular visits to the providers, supply them with IEC materials and samples of FP methods as well as sensitize the potential patients in the providers’ chamber on FP, addressing specific concerns.