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Kid-Care Branded Sprinkles Micronutrient Powder

Infants and children are the groups that are most vulnerable to micronutrient deficiency, given the high vitamin and mineral intake they need to support their rapid growth and adequate development. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly of vitamin A, iron and zinc contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years of age.

Sprinkles Micronutrient Powder is recommended as point-of-use fortification of food consumed by children 6–23 months of age. The product is a single-dose packet of vitamins and minerals in powder form that can be sprinkled onto any ready to eat semi-solid food consumed at home, school or any other point of use. The powders are used to increase the micronutrient content of a child’s diet without changing their usual dietary habits.

Sprinkles Micronutrient Powder has been shown to reduce the risk of iron deficiency and anaemia in infants and young children, 6–23 months of age.

The Scale Up Nutrition (SUN) movement adopted use of Sprinkles Micronutrient Powder as a priority evidence-based direct intervention to prevent malnutrition in children less than 24 months of age.

ASMO launched Sprinkle as a new product in the Afghan market in September 2020. The product will be distributed to traditional and non-traditional outlets across the country.