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Hernee Branded Progestin-Only Pills (POP)

Expanding contraceptive choice will result in increased use of birth spacing methods among women of reproductive age. ASMO launched progestin-only pills (POP) under the brand name of “Hernee” as a new birth spacing method. The product will address unmet family planning need of breastfeeding women. POP contains very low doses of progestin like the natural hormone of progesterone in a women’s body. The method primarily works by thickening cervical mucus which blocks sperm from meeting an egg and disrupting the menstrual cycle, including preventing the release of egg from the ovaries. It is safe for breastfeeding women and their babies as the pills do not affect milk production and adds to the contraceptive effect of breastfeeding. The method is highly effective for breastfeeding women. When pills are taken on daily basis, less than one pregnancy per 100 women was reported over the first year (3 pregnancies/1000 women).