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Nangarhar product promotion event

Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) conducted a three-day promotion event in Seraj-Ul-Emara Garden in Jalalabad city from Feb 16-18, 2018. During the event ASMO installed branded booth in the garden and displayed FP and maternal and child health products and promotion materials.




Increasing access to safe drinking water

According to the Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey, 6 percent of households use appropriate water treatment practices. Water treatment products kill micro-organisms in water, making it safer to drink by reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases including diarrhea. To increase the number of people treating their water correctly, the Afghan Social Marketing Organization markets a liquid water treatment solution, Abpakon. Liquid water treatment products have a short shelf life and a high packaging and distribution cost. As a result, ASMO experienced frequent stockouts of Abpakon and some of the commodities reached expiration before they could be sold.



ASMO’s Contribution to health in Afghanistan

ASMO and SHOPS Plus conducted a secondary analysis of data specifically on family planning products, ORS, chlorine (water purification solution) and iron folate tablets to determine ASMO activities contribution to the national use of health product. SHOPS Plus hired a firm called (Avenir Health) which has expertise using and contributing to the models like FamPlan and list model. Avenir Health also track 20 projects to determine the progress against the goal of family planning 2020 and the company is having a vast experience in doing the secondary analysis of the surveys like DHS and MICS on market segmentation.


Kunduz Social Marketing EventKunduz Social Marketing Event
14 June 2013 | Kunduz, Afghanistan
On June 14, 2013, the Sales, Marketing and Training Departments of Afghan Social Marketing Organization successfully organized a recognition ceremony in Kunduz city where over 200 pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors from Takhar, Baghlan, Kunduz & Badakhshan attended in the ceremony … Read More


KandaharKandahar Social Marketing Event
22 January 2013 | Kandahar, Afghanistan
On January 22, Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO),
a social marketing event in the city of Kandahar to
recognize and appreciate the top pharmaceutical distributors
and wholesalers of the USAID supported health products and
services in southern provinces 
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Training participants during Exercises of FP counseling ProcedureQarabagh Training
On April  08.10, 2013 | Kabul , Afghanistan
In close coordination with the Kabul Provincial Health Directorate (PHD) and BRAK organization, the BPHS implementer   a3-day training was organized for 35 female Health Shura members in Qarabagh District Hospital training center of Kabul province from 08-10/04/2013 on the USAID supported family planning and child survival health products. … Read More



Jalalabad TrainingTraining of 40 Female  Shura Members in Nangarhar 
January 7-9, 2013 | Nangarhar, Afghanistan
During a 3-day training session, the female shura members of
the Nangarhar Directorate of Women Affairs were trained on
ASMO’s family planning and child survival health products by
ASMO’s MD master trainers in city of Jalal-Abad … Read More


Jalal-Abad Event Feb 2012 Jalal-Abad Social Marketing Event
27 February 2012 | Jalal-Abad, Afghanistan
Over 200 pharmaceutical companies from Kunar, Laghman &  Nangarhar
provinces were gathered on February 27, 2012 in the  city of Jalal-Abad
for a better  planning and coordination of  distributing the USAID
supported family planning and child health  products in remote and rural
areas of the Eastern zone of Afghanistan
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July . 4 . 2011 | Herat-Afghanistan: Recognition Ceremony of The Top Wholesalers & Distributors of Afghan Social Marketing Organization Health Products Implemented by Marketing Department on July 4 2011, in Herat City of Afghanistan.

June . 14 . 2011 | Mazar-e-Sharif-Afghanistan: Recognition Ceremony of The Top Wholesalers & Distributors of Afghan Social Marketing Organization Health Products Implemented by Marketing Department on June 14 2011, in Jalalabad City of Afghanistan.

USAID Launches the Afghan Social Marketing Organization
31 October 2010 | Kabul, Afghanistan
On October 17, U.S. and Afghan government representatives and
members of the international community gathered in Kabul for the
official launch of the Afghan Social…