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Taqwia Khon Branded Iron Folate Pill

The ASMO-branded Taqwia Khon Iron Folate Tablet contains the important and basic components of blood supply and any other enzyme in the body, which their lack causes various impositions such as the memory turmoil, anemia signs in various sizes. Taqwia Khon is highly vital in improving the health situation of Afghan women particularly during pregnancy and after delivery. Taqwia Khon tablets in addition to blood-making activities play a vital role in muscle structure and some enzymes in the body. Its lack causes in the lag of mental and physical growth, especially in newborn babies. Taqwia Khon tablets dosage for anemia prevention is one tablet a day for women. By preventing anemia, the Taqwia Khon tablet will cause health improvement both in mother and infant.