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Success story of Rabia, a mother of 4 children

Rabia, a mother of 4 children whose life got changed by getting a new perspective on Modern Family Planning Methods.

Rabia, a 40 years old Afghan woman being the mother of four children is a Bamyani woman currently living in Kabul. She had her first three children with short intervals at a time when she knew nothing about modern family planning methods and/or child spacing.  According to Abeda, one of ASMO’s private provider detailing Intern, three consecutive pregnancies with short space in between has caused Rabia to be vulnerable to diseases and lowered her body immunity system and strength. After giving birth into her third child, she were focusing on a possible solution to increase the space for her next pregnancy where she finally ended up to a female gynaecologist who has counselled her on Khoshi Oral Contraceptive Pills, Khoshi Injectable Contraceptive, and Asodagi Condom to help her in child-spacing. From the suggested three FP methods, Rabia has selected Khoshi Injectable Contraceptive with the help of which she has delayed her next pregnancy for three years. She stopped using Khoshi IC after three years and given birth to her fourth child. With the help of Modern Family Planning Methods, Rabia is currently working in a bathhouse to economically support her family and she is very much happy with using ASMO branded family planning products.. Rabia is one example of many women being reached by Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) projects to harnesses public-private engagement to improve health outcomes in family planning,  maternal and child health.