Warehouse & Packaging




The ASMO’s main central warehouse in Kabul serves as the facility for receiving imported USAID-funded bulk contraceptive products.  The central warehouse also receives incoming packaging materials to re-package the bulk contraceptive products into branded finished products and maintains the inventory for supplying the five (5) regional field sales offices and warehouse facilities.  The Project’s packaged ORS and chlorine-finished goods inventory comes from our local pharmaceutical partner, KIP.

The Project’s main Kabul-based warehouse is managed by a Logistics and Warehouse Manager. Warehouse operations currently go through a series of quality assurance activities that will improve their raw material, bulk stock and finished goods inventory.   Project staffs enter all inventory movements in the warehouse into a computerized system to track all finished goods by lot, expiration date, and customer ship-to point. The warehouse establishes best practices in developing and complying with operating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each step in the warehouse operation (e.g. label, version control procedures).

Based on monthly sales forecasts and inventory levels, finished products are shipped by contracted freight forwarders to ASMO’s five regional warehouse facilities in Jalalabad, Takhar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat and Kandahar. Regional managers at each of the warehouses are responsible for ensuring the availability of adequate levels of finished goods inventory to support their current and projected commercial channel partners’ (distributors, wholesalers, sub-wholesalers and retail pharmacies) demand for ASMO’s health products.

The regional Sales & Warehousing facilities are located in the same five regions as the warehouse facilities. The Senior Regional Sales Representatives are responsible for managing the product stock held in their regional offices and for oversight of inventory and facilities management.  All warehouse and logistics operations follow strict SOPs to ensure the required levels of quality control and assurance are met.  This advanced warehousing and distribution system is now being used by ASMO.