Mobile Cinema



The Mobile Cinema Outreach Programs are a means used for expansion of brand visibility and gain public support through involving them on the implementation and being in direct contact with locals that will pave the way for other program implementation and reinforce public awareness programs within the area that results in demand creation for basic health products. This program is aimed to promote branded and generic health products as a part of activities of Project’s Community Outreach and the Marketing and Communications Departments. The principle targets of the program are health officials, schools and the general population with special attention to reach rural districts with limited access to other forms of electronic media.

The program was designed as two 15-minute educational films on Birth Spacing, Safe Water Treatment Solutions and Rehydration Therapy and three 8-minute informational/educational films on the same topics with a variation in the content message. The language of the program is on the basis of common language in the respective region. The films were produced and pre-tested in three provinces and implemented during three months of mobile cinema campaign as an original “pilot” in six major provinces i.e. Samangan, Faryab,Balkh, Saripul, Jawzjan and Nangarhar.

The programs are implemented through screening the mentioned movies in rural and underserved areas using mobile video teams that will travel through the targeted provinces and districts. The teams are well-equipped with a portable screen, DVD player, uninterrupted power supply and loudspeakers. ASMO conducts a three (3)-day training session to the implementing NGO facilitators.  Each team is composed of two members who are responsible for organizing the sessions.

During year 2011-2012, totally 832 sessions were held with a total of 11,094 participants in twelve (12) provinces attended those events. The program was carried out through six different local Afghan NGOs/companies under firm fixed subcontracts.