Training & Outreach


The ASMO’s Training Department includes both Training and Community Outreach programs and plays a vital role in expanding health product accessibility, their proper use, and promoting behavior change to target populations through the provision of training programs for distributors, wholesalers, retail pharmacies and consumers at the community-level.  This has been achieved through the coordination of direct product training classes provided by ASMO’s certified master trainers, and the use of subcontracted NGOs for training in the more remote and insecure regions of Afghanistan. These training programs are supplemented by community outreach activities that include Mobile Cinemas Community Health Meetings (Jalasa Sehi Jamea) that are conducted throughout many provinces of Afghanistan and have been recently extended to priority provinces in the south and east of the country.

The community level outreach efforts provide a systematic approach in assessing the health information needs of each community. Once that need is understood, ASMO’s key health messages and their delivery are tailored to the specific target audiences. These are combined with generic health messages on positive health behavior changes resulting from increased knowledge about birth spacing, safe water systems and dehydration prevention.

A group of private sector health providers, trained on ASMO's products in Balkh Province during November 2011

A group of private sector health providers, trained on ASMO’s products in Badakhshan Province during October 2012





Community Outreach

Jalasa Sehi Jamea (JSJ) 
Mobile Cinema