TV Broadcasting



The ASMO has utilized TV media as a means to widely communicate its messages to its target market through multiple TV stations with vast coverage over the country.

The purpose of choosing TV as an effective marketing approach is to have a widespread communications of our products to TV viewers. TV stations are selected on the basis of highest number of viewers and full coverage range in our selected region. The primary step is to select our target population and then evaluate all the TV channels having coverage range in the region. As a normal procurement procedure the next step is taken for contract and price evaluation issues. Our Afghan production partners are producing the advertisement clip and/or movie serials based on our detailed message requirements delivered to them.

The ASMO’s creative team works closely with the other design and production teams of our creative Advertising and Communications partners in terms of approving the contents and quality of the advertising spot, and drama serial production deliverables.

The Project continues to work with pre-screened and qualified creative Advertising partners as well as multiple Television networks/channels as a means to broadcast our messages to the targeted groups. The most widely used Television networks or stations so far have been Tolo, Ariana TV, Shamshad TV, and RTA. There have been a wide range of TV Ads and sponsorship programs on birth spacing, safe water systems and oral rehydration therapy productions aired as both generic & branded in design. These Television broadcasts are commonly produced in both Dari and Pashto languages in order to ensure the broadest possible coverage and viewing audiences.