Radio Broadcasting

Recent studies have shownthat approximately 86% of Afghans have access to radio programs. Afghan residents were accustomed to routinely listen to radio programs even before TV became readily accessible throughout the country. This is a common trend even now. Rural dwellers and villagers living far from the urban centers are still using this means as getting their messages heard. Most advertisers are using this channel of communication to get their message across when their target market is villagers and rural dwellers. Radio spots are purposed to communicate the message across to the districts and villages which are far from cities and people don’t have access to TV channels.

The ASMO has been implementing radio spots through its radio network partners both at a national and regional level in multiple languages. The ASMO Marketing team effectively delivers its health messages by first identifying its intended audience and target markets. Once these steps are identified, the Department evaluates the radio networks with the documented highest number of listeners and client satisfaction track record for a certain region or audience group. The final selection of the radio network chosen is done through a transparent procurement process in order to ensure the widest coverage possible to the specific target audience for its messages.