Marketing Events

Herat Event Jul 2011



The aim of marketing seminars is the proper introduction of the Organization and its objectives in promoting the overall health and wellbeing of Afghan women and children to the audience of different targeted provinces particularly the pharmaceutical private sector networks. At these events the Marketing Team advocates the two-year space between births as the minimum right and need for women and at the same time introduces the brith spacing methods by presenting the ASMO’s health products and services.

In year 2011 – 2012, three marketing seminars in form of recognition ceremonies were organized for top wholesalers and distributors of ASMO health products as well as the new target audience in Mazar-e-Sharif, Heart and Jalabad provinces in June 11, July 11 and Feb 12 respectively. In those events, the regional top wholesalers and distributors of ASMO were recognized and appreciated through certificates and appreciation letters from ASMO in collaboration with the Provincial Public Health Departments of MoPH.






   Herat Event