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Through cross functional process; particularly, different communication channels for creating and nourishing profitable relationships with customers, the project was able to effectively construct brand image among afghan people for its branded socially marketed products, with greater brand recognition resulting in greater market share value. As a result of promoting behavior change, strategically creating all messages sent out to the project target groups and encouraging potential users in use of affordable health product and/or increase demand for health products, and building awareness that reduce unmet health needs with access to health product by building the environments, afghans can make inform choices in use of health products and services available through commercial and public outlets in underserved areas.

The Project’s Marketing & Communication Department’s goal is to work with afghan individuals, communities and society through the use of various innovative and practical communication approaches to promote positive behaviors which are benefit to the Afghans health and create a supportive environment which will enable afghan people to initiate and sustain positive behaviors in use of quality health products & services and ensure long-term market viability.

Strategies to achieve this goal include generating substantial consumer demand by positioning information products & services with a health value and creating innovative campaigns with broad emotional appeal that educate consumers about health product benefits for themselves and their families.








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