Khoshi (OC)


Khoshi Oral Contraceptive Pills

The USAID-branded Khoshi Oral Contraceptive Pill is primarily intended as a temporary method of birth spacing. TheOC-Khoshi product, made from a DuoFem formulation, is proven to be very safe to use on a continuous monthly basis. Stopping the use of this pill will enable a family to have a child once the female returns to her regular menstrual cycle. This product is a very popular type of birth spacing method and is 92 to 99.7 percent effective as a birth spacing method when used correctly. It functions by acting on the female human reproductive system by stopping ovulation, preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs and thickening cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus. Some of the additional benefits are:

1)    menstrual periods may be lighter and/or more regular,
2)     the pills are easy to use,
3)    they do not affect future fertility,
4)    they can protect against uterine and ovarian cancer and 5) they have also been shown to help reduce the occurrence of acne.

The Commercial Retail Store Check Study conducted in July of 2008 across eleven (11) provinces of the country presented findings on the availability, marketing and usage of different oral contraceptive pill brands in Afghanistan. Survey results for overall figures indicate that of the pharmacies that carry oral contraceptives pills, the majority of the pharmacies carried the ASMO-supported brands Khoshi (40.9%) and OK (33.1%).



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