The ASMO has significantly improved the access by Afghan households to reproductive health and infant and child health products and services by expanding its reach of quality affordable health products by training and certifying professional private sector health providers in many underserved areas and opening up new regional wholesalers and retail outlets in districts with noted high levels of MMR. The continued support given to the local pharmaceutical industry has also expanded the range of quality and affordable health products available to the Afghan consumers that are able to and willing to pay.

The Afghan Social Marketing Organization (ASMO) imports significant quantities of bulk-packed unbranded contraceptives as USAID-funded tax exempt donation product. These bulk unpackaged products are re-packaged with branded packaging and labeled with expiration date and information data in local languages to ensure the proper and ease of use by consumers.

In addition the three flavors of Shefa brand
Oral Re-hydration Salts and Abpakon
brand Chlorinated Safe Water Treatment
Solution products are being
sourced locally f
rom Khalid Irshad Pharmaceuticals (KIP),
an ISO 9001:2008 certified pharmaceutical
company, which produces quality products
at sustainable costs. At the same time the
Iron Folate
tablet is procured through MSH
and repackaged by KIP.

ASMO’s main central warehouse in Kabul serves as the facility for receiving imported USAID-funded bulk contraceptive products as well as the locally produced ORS and Chlorin products.  The central warehouse also receives incoming packaging materials to re-package the bulk contraceptive products into branded finished products and maintains the inventory for supplying the five (5) regional field sales offices and warehouse facilities in other provinces.

Based on monthly sales forecasts and inventory levels, finished products are shipped by contracted freight forwarders to ASMO’s five regional warehouse facilities in Jalalabad, Takhar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat and Kandahar. Regional managers at each of the warehouses are responsible for ensuring the availability of adequate levels of finished goods inventory to support their current and projected commercial channel partners’ (distributors, wholesalers, sub-wholesalers and retail pharmacies) demand for ASMO’s health products.



Asodagi (Condom)
Khoshi (Oral Contraceptives)
Khoshi (Injectable Contraceptives)
Shefa (ORS)
Abpakon (Chlorin)
Taqwia Khon (Iron Folate)